The Madison Public Theatre

Theatre is a force for good. Education, collaboration, artistic exploration, community, emotional outlet and the simple pursuit of enjoyment and happiness are all key aspects in the value of theatre on society whether performing or experiencing the end result. Theatre promotes dialogue, thought and literacy.

The Madison Public Theatre, a not-for-profit theatre, has a mission to create comprehensive, enriching theatre and music programs that will benefit all people living in Madison NJ and it’s surrounding areas with high quality, varied productions that are free to participate in. These productions have a duty to be universally entertaining, inclusive, rewarding and educational, and should promote growth of character and skills beneficial for all who take part in them.

What is MPT?

The Madison Public Theatre is a theatre production company whose primary focus is to provide family friendly theatre for Madison, NJ and the surrounding towns. Through the production of musicals, plays and educational outreach performances, diverse multi-generational audiences will have the opportunity to engage in cultural arts activities together. Matinee performances for school-aged children and public performances for the community provide ample opportunities for theatre to become an engaging activity for a wide variety of audiences. The ‘MPT’ aims to create four varied productions each year, ranging from small studio plays, written by local artists to fully staged musicals with a live volunteer orchestra, sets, props and much more to create a full theatrical experience.

By producing theatre that is free to participate in, The Madison Public Theatre aims to create self-esteem, confidence, interaction between members of the local community, inclusivity and an exposure and enjoyment of the arts as a whole for people who are otherwise unlikely to be exposed to its benefits due to the constraints of cost and convenience.

All shows will be open to local volunteers and overseen and directed by professional creatives, hired as needed and fairly remunerated at an industry standard rate for their contributions. Volunteer participants will learn and work alongside professional creatives, with a goal of taking on larger creative roles in future productions where feasible.

Our Goals

Future productions will include more musicals, youth shows, plays, experimental theatre projects, seasonal shows, competitions, festivals, opportunities for writers and musicians to perform their work, and much more.